Melville Aqua *NEW

Focus on eco-responsibility with the new Melville Aqua Permeable Paver, which allows for more natural flow of runoff. This main component of a permeable paving system is available in larger format. Some pale colors can help reduce heat islands in urban areas.

Cassara Pavers

Cassara pavers allow for a linear installation with sharp, straight lines ideally suited for modern architecture. With multi-length units and subtle tone-on-tone hues, they confer depth and vitality on any project.

Cassara Plank *(Special Order Only)

With a unique design, Cassara Plank pavers provide your landscaping with an elongated, lean look found nowhere else on the market. Refinement and elegance go hand-in-hand for these pavers with clean lines, smooth texture and monochromatic tones.

Lexa Pavers

Its granulated finish and monochromatic colours give the Lexa paver a great urban look. This paver offers great installation versatility, as it can be installed in modular or linear patterns. It is the perfect match for the Lexa slabs, especially in driveways.

Mega-Arbel Pavers

The unique and distinctive look of this paver comes from its random patterns that produce a mosaic like effect. For a natural flagstone type look with irregular contours and surfaces.

Melville 80 Pavers & Small Rectangle

Modern and contemporary, with a smooth texture and straight edges, Melville 80 pavers are available in eight colours. They can be installed in modular or linear patterns, and match perfectly with the Melville slabs.


Melville Classic Pavers

This paver has a pure look with clean lines. The dimensions and regular layout of this classic can be used to create an effect reminiscent of brick.

Mondrian Plus 60 Pavers Small Rectangle

The Mondrian Plus 60 small rectangle paver boasts a natural chiseled stone texture in a range of vibrant colours. The small rectangle can be used as an accessory to create original colour and texture accents in your landscape design. It can also be used as a soldier course to highlight specific surfaces or create divisions for different functional areas of your outdoor living space.

Mondrian Plus 80 Pavers & Small Rectangle

A large-sized paver that mimics the richness of cut and chiselled stone for your trend-setting projects. Boasting a new finish that gives it vivid and vibrant colours, this clean-edged paver is reminiscent of the textures and finishes of elegant, top-quality materials.



Trafalgar Pavers 60

A paver with an urban look: clean lines and a variety of slate-like textures to achieve a cut stone effect, reminiscent of English gardens.

Birkdale Pavers


Niagara Pavers

Enjoy complete design versatility with Niagara’s many color and pattern options.

Carleton Pavers

Vendome Pavers

A paver with a yesteryears look, typical of the stone pathways found in historic neighborhoods of cities that are hundreds or even thousands of years old. This is an irregular look of chiseled stone with rounded corners resulting from nature and the passing of time.

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