City Steps

Outdoor steps mark the transition between different levels and set the tone for an entire space. City steps, available in 60 and 80 mm heights, bestow undeniable prestige on any project. These steps feature a buffed finish on the top and the exposed side, and are available in three monochromatic hues.

Lafitt Tandem Step

The Lafitt Tandem Step will add an antique and sought-after character to your landscaping thanks to its chiseled texture that evokes the look of natural stone. Available in five rich and vibrant colours, it will fit into your most creative aspirations. The addition of a step into your outdoor living space marks the transition between different levels and divisions within the space.

Mega-Lafitt Steps Plus

The limestone look of our impressive dry concrete Mega-Lafitt steps lends pedestrian pathways a unique character. The Mega-Lafitt’s lasting colours, dimensional stability, and texture designed for perfect joints take the standards of its class to a new level.


Mega-Melville Steps Plus

Mega-Melville Step plus (7 inch) are inspired by cutting-edge design trends. As refined and modern as the other products in the Melville Collection, Mega-Melville steps allow you to create distinct spaces while providing a unique and harmonious environment.

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