PVC Prestige Column wraps

PVC – Prestige Columns™
Constructed from premium quality Versatex PVC, and featuring their unique SmartLock™ Corner technology, these columns have been beautifully designed and are engineered to last.

Prestige Columns™ offer the elegant beauty of traditional wood columns, while being virtually maintenance-free. You can expect to enjoy them for as long as you own your home.

Beautiful & Smart
Prestige Columns™ feature beautiful, unblemished column panel faces. Each panel incorporates our innovative SmartLock™ Corner technology, resulting in a column that is assembled without the need for nails or screws marring the panel face.
PVC Prestige Tapered Column

The SmartLock™ Corner system also ensures true, well-defined corners, and simplifies installation.
Square Columns, Tapered and Non-Tapered Profiles
Available in both tapered and non-tapered profiles, and with a variety of panel styles to choose from, Prestige Columns™ are the preferred choice for premium quality, square architectural columns.

Square, Non-Tapered Profiles

  • 6 Panel Styles
  • 6″ to 14″ Widths
  • 4′ to 12′ Heights
  • Custom Panel Styles, Widths, and Heights Available

Square, Tapered Profiles

  • 5 Panel Styles
  • 9″ x 6″ to 20″ x 16″ Width Tapers
  • 4′ to 12′ Heights
  • Custom Panel Styles, Widths, and Heights Available

The Prestige Column™ Advantage
What makes these columns so desirable? Put simply, they are Beautiful, Easy to Install, and Virtually Maintenance Free.

  • Beautiful
  • Classic architectural column look and feel
  • Square and tapered column profiles
  • Wide assortment of column styles
  • Various heights available
  • Various widths available
  • Variety of cap & base styles
  • SmartLock™ Corners for seamless fit
  • SmartLock™ Corners for distinctive square corners
  • SmartLock™ Corners for no visible fasteners on column face or corners
  • Paint friendly with acrylic latex paints
  • Custom styles available
  • Custom sizes available

Fast & Easy Installation

  • Easy installation for homeowner
  • Fast installation for contractor
  • Complete Kit, including fasteners and adhesive
  • No special tools required
  • PVC material cuts and fastens like wood, using standard carpentry tools
  • Innovative precision engineered SmartLock™ mitered, locking corners for rapid and secure assembly
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-follow Installation & Painting Instructions included
  • Safe & easy storage and transportation with Flat-Pack packaging
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Versatex® free-foam cellular PVC construction
  • Zero water absorption
  • Direct masonry contact
  • Weather resistant
  • Decay resistant
  • Insect resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Will not yellow
  • Will not warp or twist
  • Painting not required
  • Paint typically lasts up to 4x Longer than paint on wood column
  • 30 Year Limited Warranty*

Prestige Columns™ are decorative columns only and are NON-LOADBEARING. If the column needs to support any weight, a sufficient load-bearing structural post must be in place before installation begins. Please consult your local building and safety codes for specific requirements.

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