Cassara Wall

Cassara walls smooth texture combined with sharp, slightly bevelled edges, offer a contemporary option for vertical surfaces. Their unique oversized units provide a rich, prestigious look, while the neutral, monochromatic tones coordinate perfectly with any colour of pavers or slabs.

Available Colours: Amber Beige, Shaded Grey, Rockland Black


Celtik Wall

With heights up to 42 inches, Celtik wall is considered the standard in the landscaping market. Celtik is reminiscent of old stone structures typical of the Irish and Scottish countrysides. Its rich texture and variety of units gives you a choice between the uneven look of cut stone and the more linear look of a brick.

Available Colours: Sheffield Beige & Black, Savannah Beige, Penfield Brown, Oxford Charcoal, Laurentia Grey, Norvick Grey


City Wall

City walls add a finishing touch to any well-appointed space in which every last detail has been considered. The buffed finish affords unparalleled shine and is available in three trendy monochromatic colours. The uniquely oversized proportions of City walls convey undeniable sophistication.

Available Colours: Cameo Beige, Alpine Grey, Sterling Grey, Rockland Black


Lafitt Tandem Wall

From retaining walls to outdoor kitchens, the Lafitt Tandem wall is ultra-versatile in its applications. Available in five rich and vibrant colours, this product will help unleash your imagination. Its variable height allows all kinds of installations — linear or modular — while a chiselled surface, identical to the popular Lafitt masonry stone, evokes a natural look. Give your landscaping an antique and highly desired style.

Available Colours: Amboise Beige, Margaux Beige, Newport Grey, Scandina Grey, Rockland Black


Lexa Tandem Wall

With a rich finish that exposes the material’s grain combined with clean, modern lines, Lexa Tandem walls lend a trendy yet refined air to any environment. Available in monochromatic variations, they pair beautifully with Lexa pavers and slabs. They can be installed in either a modular or linear layout, thanks to their heights of 90 and 180 mm.

Available Colours: Cameo Beige, Alpine Grey, Sterling Grey, Rockland Black


Melville Tandem Wall

The smooth surface of this wall makes it the perfect complement to contemporary and refined landscaping. The 90 mm and 180 mm heights create a sophisticated linear or modular aspect, elegantly completed by long and narrow coping and steps. — Provides desired sleek appearance — Simplifies cost estimation procurement and construction management — Greater colour consistency — Enhances Melville Collection

Available Colours: Amboise Beige, Margaux Beige, Savannah Beige, Habano Brown, Newport Grey, Shaded Grey, Scandina Grey, Rockland Black


Metropol Wall

Metropol wall features a finely chiseled texture that marries beautifully with any texture offered by Permacon. Their uniquely generous proportions recall the prestige of imposing brick buildings.

Available Colours: Amber Beige, Newport Grey, Rockland Black


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