Glass Block

Proud glass block supplier in the Niagara Region.

What is it?
Glass that is made generally smaller and significantly thicker than traditional windows and look like building blocks are called glass blocks. They can be anywhere from 2- to 3-inches thick or more and they offer light transmittance but not usually the same optical clarity as regular windows.

Styles Available:

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Bissett Fasteners

Now partnering with the long standing Canadian fastener company, Bissett. Supplying a long line of fasteners and nails such as finishing nails, collated screws, crown staples, headless pins, brad nails, coil nails, strip nails and hanger nails.

Come in or call today to find which fastener is best compatible with your pneumatic tool.

Excellent online feature straight from the Bissett website call Fastener Finder. Easy to use, three step process to determine which Bissett product is best suited for your pneumatic tool.

Hilti Dealer

We stock the most popular Hilti products & accessories in-store to get your job done. With a full line of fireproofing materials, and knowledgeable staff, we’re here to help! If we don’t have it in stock, we’ll have it here the very next day.


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