Old world charm. New age technology. Reminiscent of the brick pavers used in old European cities, towns and villages, Copthorne is a virtually indestructible paver that will not split, crack or fade. Crafted using a special forming process, each piece is uniquely altered, yet the dimensions are consistent for easy, efficient installation.

Available Colours: Basalt, Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, Old Oak



The Ultimate Driveway Paver. Bring a sense of old-world Europe to your design with Courtstone. The unsurpassed strength and realistic texture create an everlasting product which is ideal for driveways and accents.

Available Colours: Basalt, Belgian Blue, Dawn Mist, Pebble Taupe



The modern, yet elegant, look of Richcliff will add a touch of class to any landscaping project. Its realistic embossed surface texture is cast from hundreds of natural stone surface textures to ensure a random natural appearance and it is up to four times stronger than ordinary poured concrete, making it an ideal choice for any application.

Available Colours: Dawn Mist, Pebble Taupe


Richcliff XL

Popular for its modern yet elegant look, Richcliff is now available in an extra-large slab. Up to four times stronger than ordinary poured concrete, Richcliff XL makes an excellent choice for driveways or any other application where the design calls for a large scale product.

Available Colours: Dawn Mist, Pebble Taupe, Smoke Shalee



The unique colors and large size format make Senzo well-suited for contemporary designs, while the 8 x 8″ size works well as accent banding in a wide variety of projects. The non-slip, stain-resistant surface is an excellent choice for driveways, outdoor kitchens, patios, pool decks, walkways and more.

Available Colours: Castano, Cremo, Nuvola


Series 3000

Perfect for driveways, walkways and a whole lot more. A sophisticated paver with a high-performance surface made from a combination of granite and quartz aggregates. Perfect for residential or commercial driveways, walkways and patios.

Available Colours: Black Granite, Ice Grey, Mountain Mist


Town Hall

With more substantial proportions than Copthorne®, Town Hall is cast from original brick street pavers and offers a distressed, time-worn appearance. As well, with Unilock’s ever-increasing focus on permeable pavers, Town Hall has been designed to satisfy both traditional and permeable installation methods.

Available Colours: Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, Old Oak, Basalt, Heritage Red, Heritage Clay


Tribeca Cobble

Unilock’s new Tribeca Cobble pavers have the look of the beautiful imported granite cobble stones used in North America’s streets for centuries. A natural cobble appearance, dimensional accuracy, along with an EnduraColor Plus finish, makes Tribeca an excellent choice for your project.

Available Colours: Crystalline Basalt, Peppered Granite

Turf Stone

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