Anglia Curbs

A stately curb designed to provide a well-defined outline for landscapes. Can also be used for small embankments or flower beds. Various modules with a chiseled stone finish and a very natural look.

Celtik Curbs

The same appearance as Celtik wall, designed to define the boundary of an installation and create a cut out effect. Can be used to define spaces aesthetically, based on their specific functions.

Celtik Mega Curb

A sturdier version of the Celtik curb; designed to emphasize space definition and provide improved stability. Can be used to support flowerbeds and other similar structures. Both the top and the outer visible surface are textured.

Melville Curbs

Stable and strong, our Melville curb is the perfect complement for oversized slabs and pavers. Its unique length, sleek and slim finite module, gives your outdoor landscaping elegance and modernity.

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