Tough Rib

*Best Seller 

Westman’s strongest and most popular light gauge panel. The “Tough Rib” offers a full 36” coverage, this panel can be used for both roofs and walls. This product is available in 30 colors and serves as one of the most cost-effective options in the industry today.


936 Cladding

Westman’s 936 panel is similar to the Tough Rib panel without the shoulder ribs, giving the 936 a much flatter appearance. It provides the same versatility as it’s cousin, which can be used for roofs or walls. This product is available in over 30 different colours and a variety of gauges.


Delivering the ultimate in strength and coverage, DR 30 offers a distinctive 1″ fluted rib design. This profile is an exposed fastening steel panel that’s ideal for roofing and/or wall applications.

Ultra Span

Ultra Span is one of the more popular panels used in commercial/industrial applications. The flutes on the main section define its beauty, making this panel aesthetically appealing in 26 gauge. Ultra Span panels may also be inverted for a roof lap.  This product is available in 30 colours.

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