Give your project the “professional” look.
A pleasing design consisting of seven main ribs 5/8″ (16 mm) high, DR-36 is equally attractive whether installed vertically or horizontally and comes in a wide choice of attractive colors for versatile combinations. DR-36 is the profile to give your project the “professional” look. A secure overlap design provides a tight hidden joint, ensuring superb weathertight performance.

CL 7015R / 815R

A distinct rib design will give an added touch to any project.
Vicwest’s CL7015R profile is specifically designed for appearance and durability in mind. This panel’s distinct rib design will give a certain added touch to any project. Especially created for wall applications, this panel is versatile enough to be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The CL7015R also allows its installers to be flexible with all types of fasteners such as the metal head screw with washer or the highly recommended nylon head screw. CL815R is the reverse profile of CL7015R. Both products are available in 24, 26, 28 and 30 gauge steel with spans of up to 30′.

ChannelWall / CL508

Designed with strength, appearance and cost savings in mind, Vicwest’s ChannelWall and CL508 profiles were designed with the following criteria in mind: strength, appearance and cost savings. For wall applications only, their unique form along with their 32″ coverage make them two of the most economical profiles available in the industry. ChannelWall and CL508 panels combine all the beauty and durability you expect while allowing you to stay within your budget.

CL 439

Create subtle refined shadow lines to enhance the appearance of your project.
For a more subdued shadow effect, Vicwest’s CL439 panel is an ideal choice. The narrow 1 3/8″ deep ribs are spaced at 13 1/8″ center to center. This pattern creates a subtle refined shadow line which will enhance the appearance of your project. The CL439 profile is also flexible enough for wall or roof applications. Available in 22, 24 and 26 gauge materials and in lengths of up to 37′.

Diamond Rib

Combines a classic barn appearance in a durable profile.
Vicwest manufactures two different variations of the Diamond Rib profile, which is by far our most popular agricultural profile in gauges of 24 to 30. Diamond Rib is an exposed fastening panel spanning lengths of up to 30′. Diamond Rib is available in a coverage width of 30″. Please check with your Vicwest sales representatives for additional information.

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