Lightweight & Residential

Ideal Roofing’s steel roofing panels will usually be appropriate and fitting for most architectural styles. Designed and developed in Canada to resist one of the world’s harshest climates and most extreme variations of temperature, Ideal Roofing’s long-length steel roofing panels are custom-cut to lengths up to 40 feet, fastened and secured from ridge cap to eave, often in one single sheet to minimize the number of seams and joints and the risk of water leakage.

Ideal Roofing’s steel panels are precisely engineered to prevent water infiltration with a unique anti-siphon overlapping design to withstand torrential rains, blowing snow, freezing rain and strong winds, and to resist punctures from falling branches and flying debris, hot burning embers, sparks blowing out of your fireplace chimney and the punishment of the baking hot summer sun.

With fewer joints than conventional roofing materials, advanced-technology metal roofing fasteners and proper installation procedures, steel roofing is definitely a worry-free long-lasting roofing solution.

Because of their excellent property to shed snow, steel roofing panels are the ideal roofing material for isolated summer homes and cottages.

Wakefield Bridge

Wakefield Bridge steel shingles are manufactured from new and recycled steel. Unlike common asphalt shingles made from fossil fuels, they aren’t subject to the fluctuations of world market oil prices. Contrary to discarded asphalt shingles clogging our landfill sites, they are entirely recyclable.

Unlike regular steel roofing panels, the Wakefield Bridge steel shingles are designed with four interlocking sides and an integrated nailing strip, which gives a clean appearance with no exposed fasteners.

Their steel shingles are protected by our proven oven-baked Polyvinyledene Fluoride (PVDF) paint system with Kynar 500® resin and the most advanced “Cool Roof®” solar reflection technology ensuring exceptional protection from solar radiation and reducing the cost of summer air-conditioning.

Heritage Series

Designed as a roofing panel for high end, prestige residential and commercial buildings.

Ideal Roofing’s Heritage Series hidden fastener steel roof panels bring back the rich traditional style and appearance of standing-seam roofs without the need of clips and the use of a seamer when installing.

The architecturally pleasing Heritage Series panel can be installed over a solid backing, or over steel or wood purlins through oval slots with Ideal Roofing’s specially designed fastening screws, allowing for the contraction and expansion of the metal.

Junior H-F

Designed for residential and commercial buildings, the Junior H-F steel roofing panel gives them the attractive traditional style and appearance of classic buildings with standing seam roofs and higher market value.

The Junior H-F panel is manufactured from .016 in. thick (29 Gauge) Galvalume pre-painted steel in 16-inch (406 mm) widths. It is pre-punched for screws with nylon washers allowing for adjustment to the natural expansion and contraction of the steel. It is coated with a high quality Perspectra Plus SeriesTM / WeatherXLTM paint whose quality and performance specification offers 40 years of film integrity. It is available in several trendy colours reflecting the sun’s ultraviolet and infrared rays and reducing the heat island effect in compliance with LEED® credit requirements.

Once installed on a solid backing, the Junior H-F steel roofing panel is secured with hidden fasteners. Striations add strength and rigidity to the panel and stiffener ribs can be removed upon request.

Recent new technology breakthroughs and product design allows manufactureing the Junior H-F steel roofing panel while maintaining a 40-year limited warranty.


Adaptable to any environment, our popular Ameri-Cana panel is suitable for roofing or siding applications on agricultural, residential, light commercial or light industrial building. It’s ideal as a roofing sheet for long and low rafters (as low as 3/12).

Ideal Roofing’s Ameri-Cana panel offers superior strength with a strong 80,000 PSI full-hard steel core and a five specially designed 3/4″ high ribs on 9″ centres.

Superior strength means savings on wood or steel purlins for your customer (consult your load table).

Weather tight Overlap

Ideal Roofing’s Ameri-Cana Panel provides better protection against leakage with its built-in anti-syphon groove.
This tight-fitting overlap design allows for drainage through its anti-syphon groove if water is forced inside as a result of capillary action. This feature makes the Ameri-Cana Panel ideal for use as a roofing sheet for long and low rafters ( as low as 3/12 pitch).

With the Ameri-Cana Panel you save both time and money!

  • Time because sheets cover 36″ in width.
  • Money because sheets are made economically with a 41″ wide coil so there’s less waste than any other high-rib profile on the market.

Security Rib

Ideal Roofing’s most enduring metal roofing and siding profile. Security Rib is ideally suited for agricultural, residential and small storage buildings.

One of their most economical panels, Security Rib should be used as a roofing sheet on rafters not exceeding 24′ in length, with a minimum slope of 4/12.

Pocket Rib

Ideal Roofing offers the ultimate protection against water leakage with the “Pocket Rib”. The Pocket Rib provides superior strength with its four ¾” (19mm) high ribs and eliminates any chance of water infiltration with a unique over-lap system that combines the safety of double ribs, with an anti-siphon pocket.

Designed as a roofing sheet for long or low rafters, (as low as 2/12 pitch), the Pocket Rib is suitable on residential, agricultural and light commercial or industrial buildings. This product is roll-formed in panels covering 29” (737mm) in width and custom-cut in lengths up to 40 (12.2m) feet for fast and easy installation.

Four 3/4″ high ribs offer superior strength while eliminating any chance of water infiltration (as low as 2/12 slope) with a unique overlap system – and combine the safety of double ribs with an anti-siphon pocket.

Ideal for agricultural, light industrial, light commercial as well as residential buildings.


Ideal Roofing’s Canadiana Panel is destined to become the industry’s most versatile lightweight steel core (80,000 PSI) and its seven 5/8″ high ribs every 6″. Fabricated from a 41″ wide coil to become a 36″ sheet, you need to install fewer sheets because our sheets are wider.

You save money because the panels are roll-formed with less waste than other comparable siding panels.
Consider the Canadiana siding panel for its aesthetic and structural qualities which make it ideal for the exterior and interior of agricultural, commercial and light industrial buildings.

Laurentian Rib

Resembling old-fashioned tongue and groove wood siding, Laurentian beautifies and protects residential and light commercial properties.

Ideal Roofing’s Laurentian Rib is a handsome and versatile siding profile; which can be used for residential or light commercial applications. The Laurentian Rib resembles the old fashion tongue and groove wood siding and is sure to beautify, enhance and protect your home or your commercial property.

The Laurentian rib’s smooth and continuous pattern has been designed to make exposed fasteners only barely visible. Offering ½” (13mm) deep ribs, the “Laurentian rib” is formed in panels covering 30” (762mm) in width that can be custom cut to lengths up to 40 feet (12.2m) for fast and easy installation.

* Stiffener ribs may be removed upon request.

Colonial Siding

The economical “alternative” to regular residential cladding products. By imitating old-fashioned board and batten siding, our attractive Colonial siding panel adds an authentic rustic look to your home, garage or cottage, without the upkeep.

With ideal Roofing’s “Colonial” siding you save both TIME and MONEY.

  • Time because you install full sheets covering 33¼” (844mm) in width that are custom cut to the inch in lengths up to 40’ (12.2m) to your convenience.
  • Money because the “Colonial” is made economically in wider sections with less waste than most residential sidings.

The “Colonial” is easily fastened over solid or strapped wood backing with Ideal’s siding screws. To add a neat finish to your project Ideal offers all the trims and mouldings in matching colours.

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