• Highest Acrylic Solids / Premium long-lasting protection
  • Gives wet look / High Gloss
  • Protects against oil, salt and dirt
  • Restores and enhances colour
  • Will not peel and wears evenly*
  • Available in 3.78 and 5 Gallon sizes

STONESAVER Paving Stone Sealer provides the best possible protection for your paving stones and exposed aggregate concrete against harsh pool chemicals, colour fading from UV rays, dirt, salt, grease, oil and rust stain penetration. STONESAVER Paving Stone Sealer protects new surfaces and makes old stones look new again with dramatically enhanced colors. Protect your investment with STONESAVER quality products.

DIRECTIONS: For new installations, wait a minimum of 60 days prior to cleaning and sealing applications. [Step 1] Remove all stains with the appropriate STONESAVER stain cleaners. [Step 2] Clean the entire surface with STONESAVER Concrete Cleaner & Surface Prep to remove efflorescence, dirt and tire marks from surface pores. Proper cleaning will enhance your paving stones true colors and allow for proper sealer to surface bonding. Thoroughly rinse all cleaners with generous amounts of water and ensure the surface is completely dry prior to applying sealer. We strongly recommend following all instructions prior to any sealer application. [Step 3] For best results, use a lint-free high pile roller and a metal paint tray to apply STONESAVER Paving Stone Sealer. Surface and sand joints must be fully dry (usually 24 hours after cleaning). Apply at temperatures above 7 C (45 F). Apply sufficient sealer to fully saturate the surface. For surfaces being sealed for the first time, apply a second coat by rolling in a cross direction than the first coat. Allow first coat to dry prior to second coat application (usually 10 minutes). Allow sealed surfaces to dry for 24 hours before using.

COVERAGE: 3.78 litres / 1 Gallon covers approximately 12 to 14 sq. m. (125 to 150 sq. ft – Per Coat). Coverage can vary dramatically with the type and porosity of the surface as well as width of sand joints.

PRECAUTIONS: As a precautionary measure when working with STONESAVER products, protective clothing, gloves, boots, eye wear and respirators should be worn. Avoid contact with eyes. Use only under well ventilated conditions. Avoid prolonged exposure. Store in cool, dry and ventilated area. Do not apply pressure to empty container. Do not add any other product to container. Keep container closed.

FIRST AID: Skin and eyes: Flush with water for a least 15 minutes. In case of skin contact, immediately wash with soap and water. Wash contaminated clothing before reuse. Inhalation: Remove to fresh air. If not breathing, give artificial respiration. If breathing difficult, give oxygen. Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting. CALL PHYSICIAN IMMEDIATELY.

Shelf Life: Up to 5 Years.

Substrate Protection: 3 Years on Pavers with C.S.A. approval (10,000 p.s.i. rating)
Based on proper application & product coverage rates.

Note- Never seal or reseal without prior Step # 1 & 2 cleaning.
*Providing all directions are followed precisely.

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