A perfectly proportioned blend of high quality Portland Cement, Concrete Sand, dry crushed aggregate and a special set accelerator.

Suitable for a variety of “fast setting” applications such as the setting of posts and poles. The set time (initial set in approximately 5 minutes) allows for placing and setting without the use of bracing. Kwik Post may also be used (in small quantities) as a fast setting Concrete for pouring Slabs.

Features and Technical Data

  • Pre-blended and ready to use – just add water.
  • Allows for same day construction of fences and decks.
  • Pour and hours later nail and install.
  • Exceeds ASTM C-387 specification for strength when mixed according to directions.
  • Backed by Independent Quality Control Tests.
  • IN 66 LB (30 KG) BAGS: 56 PER SKID

Each 66 lb bag will produce about ½ cu foot of finished Concrete.
Material required for “fence post” holes:
3″ depth 5″ depth
2″ post in a 6″ diameter hole 1 bag 2 bags
3″ post in a 9″ diameter hole 3 bags 5 bags
4″ post in a 12″ diameter hole 5 bags 8 bags

Dig post hole and allow at least 2″ of clearance on each side of post. Half fill the hole with water and pour KWIK POST dry mix into hole while tamping with rod or stick to achieve a mix in the hole. Add water as required and when thoroughly mixed to the desired consistency, align post with a level. Kwik Post will start to stiffen within minutes, and the post will be load bearing within several hours. Warm water will speed the set time and cold water will slow down the set time. Moisten the exposed surface of the Concrete and slope away from the post to allow water run-off to prevent post rotting.

For best results
Because of the decreased working time, it is very important that all materials required for your project are close at hand. Do not attempt to re-mix the Concrete after the initial set has taken place. Do not apply in less than a 2 inch thickness. Do not apply if the temperature is expected to fall below 32°F within the next 24 hours. It is not recommended to use a cement mixer, as the mix will start to set before the product can be properly placed.

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